Become a Customer

To open an account with Eagle Brands Sales choose from the following:

Call our main office at (305) 599-2337ext 0


Email us at

Please include your account name, address, phone number, beverage license number and person to contact.

Methods of Payment

All alcohol orders are COD at the time of delivery via cash (thru Aug 15th 2014), check or money order unless you have been set-up on credit terms (Net 10 days), pre-paid deposit, Business-to-Business Electronic Payments or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

Credit Terms

To get setup on credit terms, please contact our accounts receivable representative at (305) 599-2337 #801 for a Credit Application.This form can be faxed back to 305-471-6161 or emailed to

Business-to-Business Electronic Payments

With your completed enrollment, Eagle Brands Sales saves you time with an automated payment process. Through the use of "paperless" settlement, Eagle Brands Sales conveniently settles your invoice totals for the correct amount of sale, and the next day, transmits payment information to SunTrust. The funds are transferred out of your checking account the following day, that is, the second day after delivery. Your signature on our invoice copy verifies that you have received the product and allows us to process your e-payment automatically.This form can be faxed back to 305-471-6161 or emailed to

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Fintech

To get set up on EFT, you will need to contact Fintech. To complete a Fintech enrollment call (813) 288-1980.

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