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Below is an online application that you can fill out and submit to open an account with Eagle Brands Sales. You can also contact us by calling (305) 599-2337 extension 0 or emailing

Become a Customer

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Payment Options

C.O.D. terms:

All COD Customers must pay at the time of delivery with a business check or money order. NO CASH ACCEPTED

EFT Terms using Fintech or iControl Services:

The payment of invoices is done via electronic funds transfer (EFT) eliminating the handling of checks or money orders to pay for deliveries. There are NO credit charges and NO deposit is required. Fintech and iControl are approved by the State to use EFT as cash Equivalent. Below is the contact information

Fintech: 800-572-0854 or & iControl: 301-816-4490 or

Credit Terms

All customers on credit status must pay all alcoholic invoices within (10) calendar days of the invoice date, per the State of Florida’s Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco regulations. Failure to pay within the 10th day succeeding the calendar week in which such sales was made will result in notification of the License to the State. The notice will cause the license to go on the “No Sale List”. The account will not be able to purchase alcoholic beverages until payment is received in full, and the license is removed from the “No Sale List”.

Credit customers are subject to an additional charge of $.40 cents more per case and $2 more per keg over the COD prices.

Customers choosing to pay by wire will be assessed a processing fee of $12. There is no fee when the customer pays with ACH.

Maximum terms for Non-Alcoholic purchases are net 30.

Prepaid Terms:

Prepaid customers pay COD prices, but they are required to have a deposit equal to the average purchase for three weeks. The deposit cannot be used to pay outstanding invoices, and like credit customers, they must pay all alcoholic invoices within (10) calendar days of the invoice date per the State of Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.

To be set up as a credit or prepaid customer, please contact our Accounts Receivable Representative Susel Vazquez at (305) 599-2337 extension: 801 or